Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Week 20 Ahoj vsichni!

Ahoj vsichni! [note: Hello everyone]

Well what a week! It was kind of a week of extremes. Earlier in the week we had some very very tough lessons. There wasn't any rest. We'd come in a lesson and come out feeling completely defeated only to be slammed by another tough lesson with some other investigator. We really felt the opposition working against us. I gained a testimony, definitely, this week that it's a real power. But I also was determined to plow through because at the end of such opposition is a blessing, a miracle. So we pushed through and saw some great things happen. Definitely on my knees a lot and lots and lots of prayer though. There were some times when I felt defeated by my weaknesses. We had a few lessons go terribly and I felt like there was a million things we could have done better. I really felt bad about them. I just feel like the longer I'm on my mission, the more I am aware of my weaknesses and how many I have! I just pray that it won't hinder our investigators progress.

At the same time thought, it's amazing how in those moments where you doubt your ability to do this work, the Lord gives  you inspiration or blesses you with experiences that show you that he's there and aware of you. It's those sweet moments where you hear that still small voice that is so comforting. Anyways we had a tough lesson with one investigator earlier in the week and had one scheduled with him a few days later. We prayed hard that it would go well. When he came in for the second lesson we ended up singing a hymn together first. That was the first time we've ever done that. It just was pure inspiration and after we sang together (mom, I played the piano:) the spirit was there and the lesson was better than the one we had had earlier with him.

On Monday, a week ago, we went to a castle together as a district and got knighted by the mom here in Brno. It was super fun! We have a great district.

We had an amazing mlady svobodne dospeli -YSA activity on Saturday. The president of the YSAs is Vasek Syndilek. He returned from a mission to Scotland 6 months ago and he's on fire! He wants to be back on a mission. I love that he hasn't forgotten his mission. It's still a part of him and that's how it should be. Anyways we had a singing display with the YSAs near Namesti Svobody [note: Freedom Square]. We sang together and a few of us missionaries would take a YSA and contact together. It was such a neat experience! I loved it. I've realized how much my mission is changing me. Vasek was on fire! He really got us all fired up. As we were walking up the street at the end, Vasek started talking to people as we walked up. I thought of how we really can't afford to waste any time. Our mission is so short. Talk to EVERYONE we can! Invite everyone we can! This involves their salvation!

We had grilovani [note: barbeque] after and one of our investigators named came. He used to be a Jew, but now doesn't have any religion. At the end of our lessons he'd say: "I'm so confused, God..." And he is. We've tried to show him that the gospel is simple and that he can find out what's true through prayer, but he says he's not getting answers to his prayer. We are working with him though and we were so happy he came to the barbeque. Afterwards we played volleyball and it was so fun! It was super hot too, 36 degrees Celsius! (And it's been like that for several days). I come home sticky at night because it's so hot and humid. Missions are the greatest! Dobrodruzstvi! [note: adventure] Anyways, this investigator isn't one to show much emotion but he texted us after the activity was over and said thank you for the prijemne odpoledne [note: pleasant afternoon]. He felt good there.
Now for the biggest tender mercy of the week. Like I said this week was tough. We decided to drop about 4 of our investigators because they just weren't accepting commitments or progressing. Now dropping is the last resort. It's a tough decision to make, but we have to find prepared people. We also worked hard with getting investigators to come to church. It's such a battle because it's such an important part of investigators progressing. Anyways, Sunday morning comes around and it wasn't looking to great. We had agreed with some investigators to call and remind them about church, but they didn't pick up. And no one had confirmed with us that they were coming. Anyways we went to church and there was one investigator who we were going to drop. Then suddenly another investigator walks into the foyer that I had NEVER thought would come. We actually had decided to drop him too, but he was there. Then I sit in the chapel with him and look out the window to see another investigator from last transfer who has never been to church come walking up to the building. Then Robert comes walking in with a member. And then after that our Mongolian came and in the middle of sacrament, our Muslim came who we also never thought would set foot in sacrament meeting. But there they were. 6 of our investigators, 4 of which we were fairly certain were dropped.
It was as if Heavenly Father was saying: "Just hang on a little longer! Jacob 5:50-spare the vineyard a little longer! These are my children, don't give up on them." I don't know what a normal number is for people at church in other missions, but 6 here is huge! It was a tender mercy. I just kept thinking, we are so blessed! And I was stressed out of my mind to try and take care of them all. But it was fast and testimony meeting and the spirit was so so so strong. The YSAs bore the majority of the testimonies and a lot of them shared how the missionary contacting activity was such a neat experience for them. The spirit was there in the meeting and our investigators felt it! Hurrah!

During correlation meeting I got a call from Pavel. He's been in Austria the last few weeks so we haven't had contact with him. I was so worried about him staying active after being so new to the church and away from the branch here. But I talked to him and he sounded so good. He then said he had been to church in Austria!!! I asked him if he understood anything and he said: "Moc ne, ale bylo to senzacni!" [note: Not too much but it was awesome!] He loved it! He said he felt good there. He felt the spirit! I can't tell you how full my heart was. Pavel found church in Austria and went because he gets it! I just love him so much.

Well yesterday we went to the Juranovi for dinner. We played football with Honzik and Brother Juran and then had dinner. Their daughter Lenka is back. It was great being there. At the end before we left we sang together. We sang Families can be together forever and as we all sang together I felt the spirit so strong. I can't remember feeling the spirit during that song for a long time. But as we sang together I started thinking about Megan and I just had this glimpse that she was there. I guess you can say I saw her there with my spiritual eyes and I saw others too. I don't know if that makes sense, but there were more people there from the other side and I just know that it's true. Families can be together forever! And we can all return together and live with God again because of Jesus Christ. That's the message I get to take to the world! It's beautiful. It's true! It's true so what else matters!

Juran Family with missionaries

I love you all! Thank you for your love, prayers and support. Have a beautiful week!

S laskou, Sestra Melissa Pysnakova

P.S. We are teaching a Mongolian! I don't have time to tell you about him. Maybe next week:) He's so great thought, just doesn't speak English or Czech. We use pictures and our hands. We hopefully will have a skype lesson with Sister Gambattar who served here a few months ago [note: from Mongolia]. Love you!

More photos from the trip to the Veveří Castle

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