Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 5 Prvni Tyden!

Draha family and friends,

First tyden [note: week] in the Czech Republic! It's hard to believe that a week ago I was leaving the MTC. We've been busy! Busy is good! I'm grateful that I already can speak the language. It's allowed me to get right into the work. It's funny because in just the few days that I've been here I've seen all aspects of missionary work. From complete rejection of the message to acceptance of it - I've seen it all in the few days I've been here. But I love it! I have been so humbled as I've seen my weaknesses, and yet the Lord trusts me to do His work. I've realized that if I work hard, seek for the guidance of the Holy Ghost and am obedient, He will make up for the rest! It's amazing really. I'm learning so so much.

I do have to say that being a missionary in the Czech Republic is very different from just coming here on vacation. We get up at 6:30, exercise for 30 minutes, get ready for the day and eat breakfast, at 8 we have osobni [note: personal] study for an hour, followed by two hours of companion study. Normally it's just one, but we are doing a special 12 week training program. The goal of this program is that in twelve weeks I should be able to train someone. After companion study we have language study for an hour. Then we travel to the church building and walk across the street to Bila [note: supermarket] to buy lunch. That Bila store has seen a LOT of missionaries over the years. After lunch depends on the day. On Wednesdays and Fridays we do district finding for a few hours. Our district - the Martins [note: senior missionary couple], 3 sisters, and 6 elders head out to the Namesti [note: Town Square] and sing. As we sing songs in Czech, a few of us walk around and contact people. It's really great! We also try and contact really anytime we are waiting for a tram or when we are riding the tram. The Lord places people in our path that are ready. The promise is that if we open our mouths, they will be filled. I know that it's true! My companions and I have been busy teaching. We have 10 investigators right now and will be working hard to getting more this week. We had a baptism last Saturday which was great. Me, Sister Smith and a Starsi [note: Elder] did the musical number.

Sundays are so busy. Yesterday we had district lunch at the Martins. It's so great having them here. I love them both! I'm so happy to be here as a missionary.

Missionary work is amazing!

The gospel changes lives.

Jesus Christ lives!

Love you all!

S laskou, Sestra Pysnakova

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