Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 6 Miracles in Brno

Sestry Brimhall, Pysnak, Smith and Izatt

Draha Rodina!!

Thank you all for your amazing emails and pictures. I have the best family in the world.

First of all this week has been amazing! So many miracles and tender mercies. I'm learning that the Lord truly is at the head of this work and I get to see it first-hand. 

Yesterday, we had a YSA activity. We went on splits with the YSAs to visit less active members. We don't waste time here :) It was funny actually, because the girls that came with us on splits were so exhausted at the end of the activity. I guess when you're a missionary you get lots of divine strength. Actually I'm not guessing. I know that! There is so much help from the other side.

I've been thinking about Megan a lot this week. We went to a hotel for district lunch and at the end of the meal and realized that the flower in a vase on our table was a Salmon colored Gerber Daisy [note: Megan’s favorite flower]. It wasn't coincidence. Megan wants me to remember that I'm not alone and that gives me courage when I contact people on the trams or on the streets. I realized something so neat this week. When I walk off a tram knowing that I contacted and invited people to learn about our message, I feel so great, even if I didn't get any numbers. But when I walk off having not talked to anyone, I don't feel so great. It made me realize that my role as a missionary is to invite EVERYONE that I can to hear our message. And when I do that the Spirit is with me. And even thought I get rejected, it's okay because I invited and I worked and I gave them the chance. And then when I do get numbers it's double the joy!

I am so blessed to be a missionary. I see miracles every day! The Lord is in charge. I love you all! Thank you for your prayers and love and for your examples of missionary work.

Love, Sestra Pysnakova

Megan's Gift to Melissa

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