Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 27 Ahojte!

Draha rodino a kamaradi, [note: Dear family and friends]

There was a kitten in our shower on Tuesday!
We were walking home from the Namestie [note: Square] and it was dark. When we passed the Nove Kalista bus stop we heard a meow of pain. A few days ago we had seen a little kitten in the same spot when we’d been out exercising. Now we saw the same kitten and its leg was hurt and it was hungry. It was almost 9 so we ran home and grabbed a rohlik [note: roll], meat and milk and a towel. We were able to coax it out from the other side of the fence and we caught it.
We called President and he was funny about it. He told us in his British accent "Well you can't keep it sisters!" We definitely don't want to keep it, but we didn't want it to die. He told us we could keep it overnight and find a home for it tomorrow. So funny.
We took the kitten in the morning to Pavol’s home  in a clothes hamper around 6:45. He and Simona watched over the kitten until English in the afternoon when Sister Dobiasova came for her. She adopted her and really hit it off quite well. They like each other and Sister Izatt and I are thrilled it has a home. So is President:)

On Thursday Sister Izatt and I went to Zvolen to help the elders kontakt in their area. We had just come in to Zvolen and an older man had kontakted us. He said he knew two elders from the email place.  One looked dark and had Mexican ancestors (ha ha Romero) and the other was tall (most definitely Durrant). He kept telling us we were pretty. Anyways we turn around and the elders are all staring at this green building right in front of them. It looked funny and we thought it was maybe a bird they were looking at. We went over and saw that they were staring at the windows that had signs all over saying it was for rent. They've been looking for a building to rent out so that we can start a unit going. It's hard kontakting people with no place to meet for meetings or church and stuff. The place we go to normally, Buca, for the Roma people is far out and is just a room rented in a school. We all felt like we needed to get a building on the Namestie [note: Square] right in Zvolen if we want to start a solid branch. Anyways, the elders have been looking all over and found a few buildings that a real estate agent mentioned to them. But for some reason she didn't tell them about this one and as all five of us started at this beautiful green building we felt something. We immediately called the number and 10 minutes later a lady came and let us in. It's one floor up and its perfect! It's what we need and we all felt good about it. Anyways, we told her we want it and next week it should get approved. I have a testimony that when Heavenly Father wants something done it gets done and it happens in the right time and the right place. We all are so grateful for this miracle. Right on the Namestie, beautiful, good price and perfect. We'll see what happens.

On Sunday we saw some miracles. It was neat. We had 6 investigators come to church in Banska! That’s huge, especially for here. There were, all-in-all, 3 members, 6 investigators and 7 missionaries at church. It was wonderful! Rasto came in a shirt and tie! He’s one of the formers we picked up when we blinded into the area. He’s probably early 30s and a nice guy. Our first lesson went fairly well. We encouraged him to come to church and he said he would. Then Sunday morning he texted us and said he wasn’t coming. We called him and he said he just didn’t feel like it, but he set up with us for the next day. Our second lesson did not go so well. He ended up dropping us after telling us that he had no interest, that it was a waste of time meeting with us, and that he had a feeling telling him to stop. So we stopped meeting with him, but invited him to sports night which he came to and enjoyed. He couldn’t come to last week’s because his knee was hurting, but then we get a text from him yesterday during tydni planovani, asking us when church started! We told him and he said “Great, I’ll be there.” And he came! In a suit and white shirt and tie! He looked great. We aren’t sure what to do with him now, but we will see.

As for the other 5 investigators-Pavol and Simonka, Ivan, Svetlana, and Martin. It was wonderful! All except Svetlana stayed for the entire church block. I was so impressed with the elders. Without being asked or prompted they mingled with, sat next to, and helped take care of our investigators. We couldn’t have done it without them. The members were wonderful as well and we got some calls from them later today telling us how surprised and thrilled they were to see so many investigators at church and to see the work moving forward. I am grateful for that big tender mercy for us and for the members. They are getting more excited about missionary work, they trust us more, and we are working together stronger. I love them all! I lead the music and prayed and lead some more in sacrament. It’s fun going from one assignment to the other and I love it! Being proactive makes people happy. Just move! Serve! And you’ll be happy!

After church in Banska we went to the Nyes and had sack lunch there. We studied for a bit and then headed to Buca for church there. They had 4 investigators show up (all Roma)! Finally! I lead and prayed again. Then we headed to the Nyes for correlace. It was a good meeting. We are seeing some great things happen. This week Pavel Horacek from Brno should come down and approve the building! Wahoo! We are all thrilled.

I feel so blessed to be working here with Sister Izatt and our district. I love all of them so much. I’m blessed to be working with missionaries who have been out for so long so that I can learn from them all. They all go home in the next 4 monthsish. It makes me sad. This transfer will be ending soon.

I love you all so much! I hope you have a beautiful week. I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. This past week has been a little tough. Our investigators aren't progressing that much and aren't open to the message. I haven't felt like I've received much inspiration either which can be frustrating. But it was a miracle to see so many investigators at church on Sunday. We will keep working hard. I am grateful to be a missionary. I am grateful for the message of the restored gospel. There isn't anything that brings more happiness, skutecne happiness, into our lives than the knowledge of our Savior and of his restored gospel. I love you all so so much!

S laskou, Sestra Melissa Pysnakova

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