Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 7 Three Nephites?

Dobry den rodina!

Where do I even begin! This week has been full of miracles and it's just flown by. First of all, thank you all for your emails. It sounds like General Conference was great! I love you all! I get to watch conference this weekend at the budove [note: ward/stake building] and I'm looking forward to it.

I told you a little bit about our experience last Sunday when we went on splits with the YSAs and went to visit less-active families. Sister Smith and I went together with two of the YSA girls. We got kind of lost and it ended up taking us way more time than it should have to find the first home. I kept thinking, "Things happen for a reason. There's got to be someone we need to meet." When we finally made it to the first home, we were told that the person we were looking for didn't live there anymore. So we knocked a few doors in the neighborhood, but nobody wanted to listen to us.

As we walked down the road, headed to the tram to go to our next appointment, I saw a young man in the street. I got the most distinct impression that I needed to talk to him. I turned to Sister Smith and said, "We gotta contact that guy." I could tell she had the same impression because she said, "YES! We need to!" We moved quickly over to him and introduced ourselves. One of the first things I noticed was how much light was around him. I am not kidding. This young man was full of light. He was super friendly and as we talked, he told us he believes in God and Jesus Christ. We testified of the Kniha Mormon and invited him to learn more. He said he was interested in learning more and said: "I have a friend in your church." We were like "No way, WHO?" It turns out he is friends with a YSA in the ward who is a great great member of the church. During this time, the young man’s friend came over from one of the houses behind us and listened for a bit and we invited him to learn more as well. He said, "NO, I'm a neverici [note: non-believer]. And walked away." There was SUCH a difference in light. It was so interesting. We invited the young man to come to Family home evening the next night which he did. He also came to English on Tuesday and we set up a meeting with him. So that was the story of miracle number 1.

Now for miracle number 2. A few weeks ago another young man showed up to English. No one knew who he was. He came to beginners English which is taught by the sisters. After the English lesson we do a short lesson on a gospel principle. After the lesson, this young man asked Sister Brimhall if our church has ordinances. From this short conversation, she found out that this young man had been contacted by three people on the street who invited him to the activities that our church had each week. Sister Brimhall figured it was the Elders since there was a threesome during that time so she didn't get his contact information. Sister Brimhall talked to the Elders later that week and it turned out nobody knew him. She felt so bad that she didn't have his contact information. Well, the young man showed up to English this week and we had a lesson on prophets after teaching English. We talked to him after and he was so impressed that our church had apostles and prophets. He said, "This is like Christ's church that he organized when he was on the earth." We immediately set up with him and ended up having a lesson with him the next day. It was an amazing lesson! We taught the restoration. When we teach the pattern of prophets and apostasy, we draw out a little diagram that shows that pattern and have it end with an apostasy after Christ's death. When he saw that, he said after we were done teaching that principle, "So, what happens next? Are we out of that apostasy?" The spirit was SO strong!! So so so strong as we testified that yes we were out of that apostasy. It was amazing and a testimony to me that yes the gospel of Jesus Christ and his church has been restored on the earth today. He accepted a baptismal date. We are so happy for him! And we have no idea who the three people are who contacted him. Probably the three Nephites!

Miracle number 3 happened yesterday. Before sacrament meeting started, we were out in the foyer visiting with members and investigators when we noticed a young woman come in. She introduced herself. She studies in Brno and usually goes home on the weekends, but decided to stay in Brno this weekend. During the week she had passed by our building and decided to stop by on Sunday and see what we were all about. I know right!!!! She stayed for the full three hours and stayed after to talk to members. She asked lots of questions and during gospel principles; she was flipping through the manual and ended up reading some chapters. I don't think she realizes what she walked into, but we are teaching her tomorrow. She is really amazing and very sharp. She speaks English perfectly. We're excited to get to know her. And to think that she walked in herself!

This week my testimony has been strengthened that there are people being prepared to hear the message of the restored gospel. We are praying to be led to them and for them to be led to us. I know that when we work hard and are obedient the Lord blesses us and trusts us enough to send these people to us. We are so blessed because he truly has been guiding people to us.

Now thinking on these miracles that have happened. I need to share something that's been on my mind since last week. With a recent baptism of a young woman and seeing her grow in the gospel, I've been so amazed with her spirit. From what she's told us about her family it's like she doesn't belong to her family. She's completely different from them. As I thought about it I was reminded how in the MTC we had a district meeting and the Branch President said that there are choice spirits sent to families who do not have the gospel. These choice spirits have a mission to accept the gospel and change their entire history. I realized that is what happened with her and with dad and mom. You were choice spirits sent to your families. The Lord knew you would accept the gospel and it was through you that you are changing your legacy and can bring salvation to your ancestors and the blessings of the gospel to your posterity. I hope that makes sense! It's so neat!

On Thursday we had training in Brno for the missionaries. Bratislava is in our zone and we also combined with Olomouc zone (includes Ostrava). It was an amazing training!

On Saturday there was a leadership training in Brno. Some of the members came up from Ostrava [note: Ostrava is a city we come from]. It was so great seeing all of them! They all are hoping I get to serve in Ostrava. I just told them it's wherever the Lord wants me to serve! They are all so wonderful.

Also, for a funny experience. I was standing in the tram between the bar and the door. We stopped and I was getting ready to get off, but I didn't realize that as the doors were opening that I was right in between that and a pole. My backpack got pinned in between and I was stuck. It was SO funny. I had to wiggle myself out of my backpack and try to pull free. Some people came up and were speaking to me in English and trying to help me. I don't know how they knew I was American, but then again who else but Americans would get stuck in the door…J

We have new missionary training this week here in Brno. I will get to be with my MTC group again and I am so excited!

I love you all! I'm working hard and I'm so happy to be a missionary. The gospel is true! The work is moving forward here in the Czech/Slovak mission.

With love, Sestra Pysnakova

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